Docma Markdown Test

How is this rendered to HTML?

Markdown files are rendered into plain HTML using marked and styled by Docma default template.

Docma Supproted Markdown options:

Docma supports all marked options and a few others.

Option Type Default Description
gfm Boolean true Whether to enable GitHub flavored markdown.
tables Boolean true Whether to enable enable GFM tables. This option requires the gfm option to be true.
breaks Boolean false Whether to enable enable GFM line breaks. This option requires the gfm option to be true.
pedantic Boolean false Whether to conform with obscure parts of as much as possible. Don't fix any of the original markdown bugs or poor behavior.
sanitize Boolean false Whether to use smarter list behavior than the original markdown. May eventually be default with the old behavior moved into pedantic.
smartypants Boolean false Whether to use "smart" typographic punctuation for things like quotes and dashes.
tasks Boolean true Whether to parse GitHub style task markdown (e.g. - [x] task) into checkbox elements. Also, list is marked with class="docma task-list" and each item is marked with class="docma task-item" attributes.
emoji Boolean true If set to true, emoji shortcuts (e.g. ) are parsed into <img /> elements with twemoji SVG URLs (and class="docma emoji" attribute).

Markdown Test

Unordered List


In the words of Abraham Lincoln:

Pardon my French

Use git status to list all new or modified files that haven't yet been committed.

Code Block

Some JS code exmaple here:

module.exports = function () {
    "use strict";
    function Documentation() {"by").docma;
    // .. proto methods ...

Numbered/Ordered List:

  1. James Madison
  2. James Monroe
  3. John Quincy Adams

Nested List:

  1. Make my changes
    1. Fix bug
    2. Improve formatting
      • Make the headings bigger
  2. Push my commits to GitHub
  3. Open a pull request

Task List:


@onury This PR looks great - it's ready to merge!

Ignore Markdown

Let's rename *our-new-project* to *our-old-project*.


Colons can be used to align columns.

Tables Are Cool
col 3 is right-aligned $1600
col 2 is centered $12
zebra stripes are neat $1

Horizontal Rule

Three or more...




YouTube Videos

They can't be added directly but you can add an image with a link to the video like this:

Dire Straits rules!

Or, in pure Markdown, but losing the image sizing and border:

Dire Straits rules!